NUX MG 30 Multieffekt / Modeller

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Der neuste Streich von NUX.

Es gibt nicht viel, was das Ding nicht kann, und das sogar in wirklich brauchbarer Qualität. Der große Pluspunkt ist die Möglichkeit, die Sounds wirklich dynamisch spielen zu können, was vielen älteren Geräten einfach fehlt. 

Die Möglichkeiten sind fast unbegrenzt, ob nun zum Üben, für Recording oder auch vor dem Amp live. 

Hier noch die englische Beschreibung:

professional multi-effect pedal with amplifier modeling and IR loader
The NUX MG-30 is a professional quality multi-effect pedal, modeler and IR loader for guitarists and bassists. It can replace the whole signal chain: amplifier, effects, speaker cabinet and microphone. Hence, the MG-30 can be directly connected to a mixing board or active monitors, but it can also be used in combination with a 'real' guitar amp.
The MG-30 has a sturdy metal casing and a large LED screen, but inside it's top quality too, and you can feel that while playing. The response is fast, tight and realistic, and the dynamic range is huge. Operation is intuitive and straightforward.
The MG-30 contains 30 well-known amplifiers, dozens of guitar effects pedals, 16 speaker cabinets, 8 microphones and 3 microphone positions per mic. It works with high-resolution IRs (Impulse Responses). MG-30 also works smoothly with third-party IRs.
Through USB, MG-30 can be connected to a computer. The QuickTone interactive editing software makes it easy to tweak sounds and exchange them with other users. In addition, the MG-30 can be used as an audio interface for recording and MIDI via USB.
Included is the NMP-2 external footswitch with two buttons, which can be configured to externally turn effects on and off, for example.
- Professional amplifier modelling with adjustable bias
- 11 sequentially swappable signal blocks; post-FX can also be used in parallel
- 4" colour LCD with intuitive user interface
- HD IR resolution of 1024 samples and the option of using a third-party IR with each user patch
- Versatile user scenes and global settings
- Ultra-low latency (2ms) due to two powerful processors
- Comes with NMP-2 footswitch for external foot control.
- via USB: recording interface, firmware update, QuickTone editing software.
- Includes: 25 guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 2 acoustic guitar amps, 8 guitar cabinets, 8 bass cabinets, 8 microphones, 3 microphone positions per mic, 3 acoustic guitar IRs, dozens of famous guitar effect pedals
- With drum sounds and a phrase looper
- With effects loop, aux-in, headphones out




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